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Induction melting in cold crucible based technologies

Liquid phase synthesis of:

refractory (brazilite-corundum, mullite, zirconium silicate, spinel etc.)

new material with colossal magnetoresistance for microelectronic

complex compound LiNbO5 for increasing of mass charge in crystal growth installations

complex compound LaCrO3 for heating elements

high temperature oxide super-conductors with negative permeability

Continuous production of melted periclase

Production of synthetic wool (mullite, gabbro rock)

Remelting of waste of leucosapphire production for reutilization in crystal growth process

Crystal growth from melts of ferrite, stabilized zirconium oxide, partially stabilized zirconium oxide, magnesium oxide etc.

Vitrification of radioactive waste

Non-contact electrical conductivity measurement of oxides, ceramics, glasses melts up to 3500 °C


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